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Curry Puff (4 pcs)

Puff pastries filled with minced beef and vegetables, deep-fried, served with sweet cucumber sauce.
$  8.00

Spring Roll (4pcs)

Minced chicken and clear noodles folded into a spring roll pastry, deep-fried, served with sweet chilli sauce.
$  8.00

Goong Tod (4pcs)

Deep fried prawns in coconut batter served with sweet chilli sauce and topped with crushed peanuts.
$  12.00

Geiw Grob (8pcs)

Deep fried minced pork sprinkled w peanuts and onions, wrapped in crispy pastry, served w sweet chilli sauce.
$  8.00

Golden Bag (4pcs)

Chicken mince mixed with Thai herbs wrapped with wonton pastry.
$  8.00

Chiken Wing (5pcs)

Marinated chicken wings deep-fried and served with sweet chilli sauce.
$  8.00

Chef Suggestions

Moo Grob Basil Chilli

Crispy pork stir fried with basil chilli green bean
$  17.90

Kha Na Moo Grob

Crispy pork stir fried with gai lan garlic and chilli
$  17.90

Prik Sod Squid

Stir fried with fresh chilli in oyster sauce and Vegetable
$  17.90

Pad Cha

Stir fried mixed seafood with Thai spicy paste chilli and black paper
$  20.90

Duck Pumpkin

Stir fried pumpkin with Duck in oyster sauce
$  20.90


Deep fried and topped with mixed vegetables which tasty Thai dressing
$  24.90


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